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I want to know what very specific languages the encoding EUC-JP actually cover?

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Short answer: Japanese.

Longer answer:

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what is the languages supported in the long answer since your link kind of confused me:( –  HoN Jun 3 '11 at 6:27
what languages are JIS X 0208, JIS X 0212, and JIS X 0201 are they all Japanese? If so what kind of Japanese? –  HoN Jun 3 '11 at 6:29
They are Japanese character sets. The largest one is JIS 0212, which has (quoting from Wikipedia): 21 Greek characters with diacritics, 26 Eastern European characters with diacritics (mostly Cyrillic), 198 alphabetic characters with diacritics, and 5,801 kanji. –  Matt Ball Jun 3 '11 at 6:32
Note that the different JIS definitions include characters such as ASCII, along with accented Roman characters, half-width, full-width, and various non-character symbols. So you could use it to write English, or French, etc., on a Japanese computer. –  Jon Reid Jun 3 '11 at 6:34
Everything in the Unicode standard. That's going to be more-or-less everything you want (including 70,000+ Han characters), as long as you don't want, for example, older or alternative forms of kanji. –  Matt Ball Jun 3 '11 at 6:38

EUC-JP was, of course, designed for Japanese, so includes all the essential Japanese characters:

  • 22/64 of CJK Symbols and Punctuation
  • 87/96 of Hiragana
  • 90/96 of Katakana
  • 12157/20992 of CJK Unified Ideographs [Kanji]
  • 155/240 of Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

But it supports Western scripts as well:

  • 128/128 of Basic Latin [ASCII]
  • 82/128 of Latin-1 Supplement
  • 120/128 of Latin Extended-A
  • 17/208 of Latin Extended-B
  • 6/80 of Spacing Modifier Letters
  • 71/144 of Greek and Coptic
  • 92/256 of Cyrillic
  • 15/112 of General Punctuation
  • 4/80 of Letterlike Symbols
  • 6/112 of Arrows
  • 32/256 of Mathematical Operators
  • 1/256 of Miscellaneous Technical
  • 32/128 of Box Drawing
  • 12/96 of Geometric Shapes
  • 7/256 of Miscellaneous Symbols

    !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[]^_ `abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~¡¢£¤¦§¨©ª¬®¯°±´¶¸º¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍ ÎÏÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýþÿĀāĂ㥹ĆćĈĉĊċČčĎ ďĐđĒēĖėĘęĚěĜĝĞğĠġĢĤĥĦħĨĩĪīĮįİıIJijĴĵĶķĸĹĺĻļĽľĿŀŁłŃńŅņŇňʼnŊŋŌōŐőŒœŔŕ ŖŗŘřŚśŜŝŞşŠšŢţŤťŦŧŨũŪūŬŭŮůŰűŲųŴŵŶŷŸŹźŻżŽžǍǎǏǐǑǒǓǔǕǖǗǘǙǚǛǜǵˇ˘˙˚ ˛˝΄΅ΆΈΉΊΌΎΏΐΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩΪΫάέήίΰαβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςστυ φχψωϊϋόύώЁЂЃЄЅІЇЈЉЊЋЌЎЏАБВГДЕЖЗИЙКЛМНОПРСТУФХЦЧШЩЪЫЬЭЮЯабвгдежзи йклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюяёђѓєѕіїјљњћќўџ‐―‖‘’“”†‡‥…‰′″※℃№™Å←↑→↓⇒⇔ ∀∂∃∇∈∋−√∝∞∠∧∨∩∪∫∬∴∵∽≒≠≡≦≧≪≫⊂⊃⊆⊇⊥⌒─━│┃┌┏┐┓└┗┘┛├┝┠┣┤┥┨┫┬┯┰┳┴┷┸┻┼ ┿╂╋■□▲△▼▽◆◇○◎●◯★☆♀♂♪♭♯ 

So you could use EUC-JP to write not only Japanese, but also English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Russian, etc. (but not Arabic or Hebrew).

It's hard to answer the question of exactly which languages are "supported" because of ambiguities about exactly which characters are required for a language (e.g., Does Dutch need the IJ ligature, or is "IJ" adequate? Are "café" and "jalapeño" English words?)

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