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I'm working on the following script. Basically I want to redirect a page to one of two choices, based on whether the browser has allowed a popup. I know that the following won't work because window.location needs to be called as the DOM loads, but I'm wondering if there is something I can use or if I need to rethink my approach

<script type="text/javascript">
function openwindow(){
    var w = window.open("{INTERACTION}","interaction","resizable=0,width=800,height=600,status=0");
    if(w){window.location = "carry on.html"};
    if(!w){window.location = "blocked.html"};
<input type="submit"  class="button" onClick="javascript: openwindow()" value="Begin" />

Thanks in advance Giles

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@Matt Ball: He's actually stating that it does not work. –  pimvdb Jun 3 '11 at 6:37
Correct, I'm asking for what will work –  giles Jun 3 '11 at 6:38
try using it the correct way window.location.href –  Ibu Jun 3 '11 at 6:55
@Ibu both ways are correct, it doesn't make any difference if you assign either to one or another. both do exactly the same when assigned. (I'm not saying that they are the same =)) –  Headshota Jun 3 '11 at 7:01
@giles do you get any errors? –  Ibu Jun 3 '11 at 7:07

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It isn't necessary to call it as the DOM loads. it works both when DOM is loading and when it is fully loaded:

    window.onload = function(){
        window.location = "http://google.com";

// during DOM loading:

    window.location = "http://google.com";          
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are you saying write something like ... if(w){function(){window.location = "enabled.html";}}; –  giles Jun 3 '11 at 7:05
no you don't need a function... –  Headshota Jun 3 '11 at 7:14
But that's what I'm trying about (isn't it) and it's failing. Am I missing something? –  giles Jun 3 '11 at 7:31
are you sure you're assigning the right path? –  Headshota Jun 3 '11 at 7:47
Good point I'll check when I get to work - thanks –  giles Jun 3 '11 at 7:54

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