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I am downloading mp3 file from internet and storing them into my SDCARD i am giving that mp3 file name as a server has given i.e if i am downloading
test.mp3 file then i am giving name it to test.mp3 and storing into SDCARD

But now my requirement is to giving them name as 1 2 3 like this.. how can i do this currently i am doing using substring function like this

                        temp1[0].toString().length() - 15,// 15

i am saving them into SDCARD/DOWNLOAD folder how it can be possible?

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Log.i("TEST 1 ", Ringtones.size() + "");

    if (Ringtones.size() == 0) {
    } else {
        GlobalVariable.SetCounter(Ringtones.size() + 1);
    GlobalVariable.Setstrpath(GlobalVariable.GetCounter() + ".mp3");
Right now i am using this solution
please suggest me if any best solution if available thanks Pragna
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i find another solution also

for (int i = 0; i < Ringtones.size(); i++) {

            String s = Ringtones.get(i).toString();
            Log.i("TEST", s.toString());

            String str = s.toString().substring(0, s.indexOf(".mp3"));

            int cntr = Integer.parseInt(str);

            System.out.println("TEST " + cntr);

            System.out.println(cntr + 1);
            GlobalVariable.SetCounter(cntr + 1);

            GlobalVariable.Setstrpath(GlobalVariable.GetCounter() + ".mp3");


still better solution is acceptable

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