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How can we write this SQL in Rails3 . tables : node, meta

select n.node_id
from node n
join meta m1 on m1.node_id = n.node_id 
            and m1.code = 'weight' and m1.value = '120'
join meta m2 on m2.node_id = n.node_id
            and m2.code = 'lower' and m2.value = '1'
join meta m3 on m3.node_id = n.node_id
            and m3.code = 'height' and m3.value = ''

Thanks in advance.

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It's better if you explain what you want to do, in english, referring to your rails schema, rather than ask people to reverse engineer sql. –  Max Williams Jun 3 '11 at 10:46

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You can use ActiveRecord::Base#find_by_sql method to get query results. Read more here.

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