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I plan to write a Hashify command line client, and I'd like to confirm that simply writing to stdout is not an option before getting creative.

(Ideally the command will behave like TextMate's mate, in this case opening in a browser and waiting to be fed input.)

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WGet (simple http fetching tool) supports redirecting a file to STDOUT with the -qO - option
called like wget -qO - http://url/.

Lynx (full CLI browser) supports dumping to STDOUT with the -dump or -crawl option.

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curl is another. It defaults to stdout; use -o <file> to output to a file. – Peter Davis Jun 11 '11 at 20:06

You could have a look at Google Native Client, available in the dev channel version of Google Chrome.

When run with the native client flags, it allows you to print to the terminal as stated here. Look into the documentation here and here for details.

Getting it to work on windows could be a pain, but it (supposedly) works great on linux. I'm trying it out right now.

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