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I was wondering what language could I use in order to make an api that mobile applications and facebook applications could use. They would download a library that would be speicifc to their language of coding for either mobile or facebook application.

-What types of servers would I need if many people were making calls to the api simultaneously.
-What about the server that handles the api requests, if I wanted to make something happen such as a database query when the api gets called, what type of programming/hardware does that require? etc etc -The api would have to be super secure.

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You question is far too vague. I think you need to do some research by yourself first and come back with something more specific. – ColinE Jun 3 '11 at 7:48
Typically in this situation you are going to be passing something non environment specific back from your API to your consuming apps, like XML or Json. Or you could do it with something like a WCF service.. why is your question tagged with C# and ASP.NET if you're asking which language to use? – ashelvey Jun 3 '11 at 18:39

By the moment, I think the best option is java, because you have a lot of aps made with that (what about the 2000 flies? ;-) ), and also because the platform J2ME is in a good developing stage right now. The server, if you mean webserver, I think Apache Tomcat is a good option, it supports jsp files, what can help you in your java developement, in the sense that perhaps you'll want to get data from the web, and it has good tools to work with xml or json files. Of course, for the DB engine, it supports almost everyone, through, for example, JDBC and so on.

In the security field, well..., it always deppends, in a major state, of the mechanisms you use, but java, in this way, is as advanced technologically to support good security systems.

Hope this will help you to decide.

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Don't know exactly what will happen with FB and java working together, this is my own doubt. – elvenbyte Jun 3 '11 at 7:52

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