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How to define every five minutes to run jobs

in the play.jobs.every class ,it define an example every("1h") to run job every hour,bu i want to run every 5 minutes,how to define this.

i try the every("5m") or every("0.1h") ,play reports internal error.

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2 Answers

Short answer:

You can use either of the following


Long answer:

The @Every annotation uses the play.libs.Time class, and specifically the parseDuration method to determine how often the job is scheduled.

If you look at the source code, the Javadoc states...

     * Parse a duration
     * @param duration 3h, 2mn, 7s
     * @return The number of seconds

This would suggest that you should specify your code as @Every("5mn")

If you look deeper into the code, it determines that the time is in minutes by using the following regular expression.


So, this states that either of the following are valid

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Try using "5min" in your annotation instead:

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