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Ok i have been looking but not find anything similar with my problem. I am new to iOS development and have problem with one application.

Company where I work has its own application for iMagazines. And they publish these magazines on App store through that application and you are able to download them on your iPhone or iPad to read.

I have seen some previsions versions of magazines. They put pictures of icons and archive in .zip format in eclipse project and upload it somehow. Thats my problem. How to change .plist files inside archive and do I need to change it and how to publish new issue of magazine through eclipse.

I hope that I explained my problems well, and if I did not I'll add every info that you need about that.

Thanks in advance

OK... In eclipse I have one project for web store and in it have package that contains all previsions releases of magazine. I have src folder, JRE System Library, Reference libraries, META-INF) and few packages for different magazines. They used to use this project to upload all releases of magazines. Inside magazine folder i have firs folder called parts (as i manage to see it is archive divided in parts to be sent on server...) and itself (containing background .jpg pictures for magazine, and .png for articles) and one .plist file called index.plist where I have index of pages and titles. OK the other one called multimedia.plist have some list of video content on pages with coordinates of video on page and names for play, pause etc buttons. Other thing beside are few more .png files that represents icon for release and preview. As one journalist try to explain to me they give text to graphic designer he manage to put into together and pass to me to upload it. I need to add "new row onto server for new release" he said too. Thats about project file in eclipse... I'm so confused don't know if I can put screen shot here it will be much easier. This is my first job I'm finishing faculty and don't have this kind of experience...

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This question is a slight improvement over your previous one but still pretty vague. Revise your question with more detailed information about the Eclipse project. For example, what files are in it? You made a reference to .plist files; what's in the .plist files, and what other files are in the project? – jhocking Jun 3 '11 at 10:03
i cant post answer for 8 hours :( – Akosha Jun 3 '11 at 10:23
i added text in question... – Akosha Jun 3 '11 at 10:23

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With such a vague question it's hard to tell what you need. It sounds like your task is on the backend and not any work in the iOS app itself. In particular your description of using Eclipse is a significant clue. The only IDE used to develop iOS apps is XCode, so the use of Eclipse must be some other part of your project.

I'm guessing the iOS app is designed to automatically pull the latest issue from the database, and what you need to do is update the content in the database. But that's mostly just an educated guess until you post more information in your question.

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