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Dear Sirs et Madames, I am currently experimenting with Roo, and one thing I would like to change is the banner that Roo creates on the Roo-generated web interface, I would like to use a custom banner. I know I can do this by going to the 'webapp/images' folder of the generated Roo project and replace the banner image with one of my own, but I want to know if I can make Roo GENERATE the web application with my banner from the start, rather than me having to go and fiddle with image files in the generated project...

Any help appreciated.

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The default banner is yours to replace.

Feel free to modify, because it's meant to be modified.


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You need to repackage org.springframework.roo.addon.web.mvc.jsp-xxx.jar There you have all the images and default tags.

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No, Roo can't generate a project with a custom banner image.

Feel free to log it as an improvement request at our JIRA instance, however given the ease of replacing the default image manually, I can't see it getting much priority over the more highly-voted tickets.

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