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I am now trying to use oracle weblogic maven plugin to deploy an application to an admin server with administration port. I am using t3s protocol to connect but I am wondering whether I can set my custom keystore and certs in the maven plugin/parameters in pom.xml or command line. I cannot find the solution on the internet. Help would greatly be appreciated.

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In theory you can set the weblogic ssl headers in maven opts - like so

But the plugin doesn't seem to pick these up where as the weblogic.Deployer will. This is a little odd since the maven plugin just runs the deployer anyway.

I've also tried setting the java keystore to a custom one (also with no luck)

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well the question is like "old" :) - but it seems there is no conclusive answer around and since this question pops up at google in the top10 here is what I did to make the maven -> weblogic deployment work

Using: maven 3.2.3 to deploy to WLS 12.1.3 and the WLS 12.1.3 DEV (Do not forget to execute the configure script prior to starting - well - anything)

Setup (done once)

Follow the Oracle Docs for the Maven Plugin to setup the plugin. In short:

Mainly you will install a maven plugin from the WLS DEV zip to install another maven plugin:

cd %WL_HOME%\oracle_common\plugins\maven\com\oracle\maven\oracle-maven-sync\12.1.3

mvn install:install-file -DpomFile=oracle-maven-sync-12.1.3.pom -Dfile=oracle-maven-sync-12.1.3.jar 

install the plugin to be used to deploy:

mvn -DoracleHome=%WL_HOME%

Verify the plugin is ok:

mvn help:describe -DartifactId=weblogic-maven-plugin -Dversion=12.1.3-0-0

If you need this to be added to a Maven repository proxy you can temporarily change the path to your local repository, executes those commands and that's what will be required (around 230MB in my case). I would add another thirdparty repository on the maven proxy and put everything in there in case you need to clean up later.

Then use the InstallCert tool to import the SSL certificate into a new keystore. We will place this keystore in the maven module that creates the EAR file and executes the deployment.


Once you have your EAR file ready you need to add this to your build section: (not the SSL / keystore messing around is only required when using t3s, you obviously skip the property setting if there is no self-signed certificate involved)

The "TrustKeyStore=CustomStore" parameter is somehow required! The name must not be changed.



The above configuration will deploy the EAR during install phase - feel free to change to phase of the weblogic-maven-plugin. It could also be in a profile I guess.

Happy Deploying :)


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