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I'm having some issues with ColdFusion and JSON. My users have filenames and other key words with characters like ç in them which is causing me a pain when I have to pass them back via JSON.

When I use the magic JSON command on my variable:

<cfcontent type="application/json"> 
<cfset variables.stGalleryItem = StructNew() />
<cfset variables.stGalleryItem["imagePath"] = siteRoot & '/images/350460/hellç.txt' />
<cfset variables.stGalleryItem["title"] = 'çççç'  />
<cfset variables.stGalleryItem["author"] = 'HI' />
<cfset variables.stGalleryItem["text"] = 'aa' />
<cfset ArrayAppend(variables.arrGallery,variables.stGalleryItem) />


The character that gets spit out is �, which does no one any good.

Is there anything I can do to preserve my users' ç?

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can you provide a more complete example? When I do variables.arrGallery = "ç" I am not able to reproduce the problem. – orangepips Jun 3 '11 at 14:52
Added the code I am using. – Jarede Jun 3 '11 at 15:11
is there another page that's calling this via an AJAX request? – orangepips Jun 3 '11 at 15:22
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You need to specify the Character Set in your CFCONTENT tag. I tried this code in Google Chrome without charset and it returned the text correctly. However, FireFox 3.6 returned the incorrect characters you listed.

This correctly returns the UTF-8 characters in Chrome, FireFox and MSIE:

<cfcontent type="application/json; charset=utf-8">
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Do the conversion yourself : http://tojson.riaforge.org/ (native) or http://json-lib.sourceforge.net/ (via a Java library)

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