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I have a parent JFrame it contain a JButton. functionality of that button is to open another window.

I want to restrict the focus of window, means after closing the second window's focus should come into first window(parent). And focus should not come to first window if second window is open.

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You should make your second window modal. That said, you'd probably want to make it a JDialog.

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JFrame doesn't method about Modalities please amend/add that... – mKorbel Jun 3 '11 at 9:02
+1 an application should only have single parent JFrame and then use JDialog's as child windows. – camickr Jun 3 '11 at 15:04

yes its possible but workaround for two or more JFrames, but for full funcionalities is needed lots of code,

standard would be one JFrame and another TopLayoutContainers could be JDialog then you can easily play with parent and modalities, toFront , setAlwaysOnTop

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As shinoku stated, you can use a modal. However if you have to use a JFrame, you have to implement a WindowListener for the new JFrame. In that implementation for the windowClosing() method you can say originalJFrame.requestFocus(). Of course, your constructor of the WindowListener must be supplied with a reference to the original frame as well.

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