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I get different behavior between IE and Mozilla.

Say for ex I have 2 buttons on my webpage. Button-1 and Button-2

In mozilla browser, when I click Button-1 then it process the click request of Button-1, while it is processing the request, immediately if I Click on button-2, browser will not proceed request for Button-2.

In IE browser, after clicking Button-1 If I immediately click Button-2 then it will first process request of Button-1 and then it will process request for Button-2.

Why there is different behavior for both browser for same web page?

PS. IE 8 and Mozilla 3

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Browsers are different, sadly, thats the way it goes. Where some are better, they are worse in other areas. –  BugFinder Jun 3 '11 at 8:52

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Thats's life

Browser differences are one of the biggest hurdles in modern web development. You're best bet is to paste the code to let users take a look.

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