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… similar to the StatET plugin that allows you to run R code from Eclipse?

I tried googling it but nothing useful has turned up.

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None that I know. If you're a CLI junky or willing to use Emacs, you might find limited support through the ESS package and the ado-mode. This is what I used on Mac OS X when I want to run short snippet of code, or use Stata in batch mode, but there's no interactive graphical output (you can just save graphics as PDF as usual). The ado-mode provides basic syntax highlighting and can send region or buffer to a running instance of Stata GUI program (not the executable file, stata-*, that is being used by ESS).

Here are two screenshots of (top) edition of code in Emacs with the ado-mode, and (bottom) an interactive Stata session (no plot produced).

enter image description here

enter image description here

Some notes on text editors for Stata users provides a list of text editors that can be used with Stata (without interactive facilities, though).

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Alright. There really seems to be no way to do it interactively. Thanks! –  mzuba Jun 30 '11 at 10:40
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There seems to be a promising project starting up here:

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