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-Wshadow will "Warn whenever a local variable shadows another local variable.". Is there an equivalent in Visual C++ (2008)? I tried /W4 but it didn't pick up on it. I also tried Cppcheck but that didn't see it either.

e.g. if I inadvertently do:

class A
                int memberVar;
                void fn()
                        int memberVar = 27;

I would really like to know about it!

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This might interest you as well. stackoverflow.com/questions/486508/… –  Ólafur Waage Jun 3 '11 at 9:46

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I am afraid no.

You could perhaps try compiling your code with Clang:

  • it has this warning (and a lot of others)
  • it has a compatibility mode for MSVC headers (and can build most of MFC)

We use gcc at work, to build our code, but compile with Clang regularly to test the code conformance to the Standard and benefit from its warnings.

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Check out warnings C6244 and C6246

But you will need to enable automatic code analysis to get them, see How to: Enable and Disable Automatic Code Analysis for C/C++

If you cannot do it in your VS edition (Analyzing Managed Code Quality by Using Code Analysis), try to add the /analyze flag to the compilation command line. You will get some warnings that the '/analyze-' flag, which has been added by your IDE, is replaced with the manually added '/analyze' flag, but the analysis will work ;-)

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IMHO. These warnings shouldn't be analyze warnings... –  Calmarius May 28 at 15:18
MSDN now says "this topic is no longer available" on your first link. –  pjc50 Sep 10 at 13:07
@pjc50 if you choose a different version it will work, e.g. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6yz6c9dy(v=vs.100).aspx –  dawn Sep 24 at 12:53

There's no warning about this that's disabled by default, so if you're not seeing the warning at the default levels, I'd say it can't be done. (Which is lame.)

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(I would add this as a comment to Dawn's answer, but have insufficient reputation at the moment)

There is an issue open on Microsoft Connect petitioning to have the warning upgraded from Code Analysis to standard compilation. I suggest upvoting it to try to get Microsoft's attention.

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According to that link, this is fixed in the next major release of Visual C++. –  Kim Jul 24 at 11:47

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