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I'm very new to django, so this might be a very basic question, but here goes:

Suppose I have a url that has php style parameters (that is ....com/blah?param1=val1&...) and I want to place their values into the generated HTML of the template. How do I achieve this?

PS: I know that I'm supposed to use nicer urls, but right now I just want to know how to do the above.

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FYI: These are not "PHP style parameters", these are normal GET parameters. – Felix Kling Jun 3 '11 at 9:14
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{{request.GET.param1}} in the template. (Using RequestContext)

request.GET.get('param1', None) in the view.

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{{ request.resolver_match.kwargs.argument }}

for function arguments passed to the view as:

def myview(request, argument):

Tested on Django 1.9.

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