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I have such a dirty code in my GWT app, some of the classes of my service layer depend on an HttpSession object. So for example, in one of my DAO (which was a GWT-RPC endpoint) I have something like this :

public class MyExampleDAO extends RemoteServiceServlet {
   public findItems() {
       // here I need to get the object session to retrieve the currently logged in user in order to query for all its items...

The problem is that, I am currently migrating the code to use RequestFactory. My DAO will not be a GWT-RPC endpoint anymore. So no need to extend RemoteServiceServlet then ...

Do you know how I can get/inject (probably with Guice) my dependency to HttpSession Object, knowing that my class does not extend RemoteServiceServlet anymore?

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getThreadLocalRequest().getSession() should do it. RequestFactoryServlet has a similar (but static) getThreadLocalRequest() method that you can access from your service. Otherwise, you can get Guice to inject a Provider<HttpSession>, have a look at these projects and for some sample code using Guice with RequestFactory.

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thanks a lot Thomas, I will try it I'll let you know when it's ok again, thanks a lot for your help – kaffein Jun 5 '11 at 8:14
Thanks a lot Thomas, it's working ;-) ... that's great – kaffein Jun 8 '11 at 12:45

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