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I am using the SWT JFace TableViewer component to display a list of data. I have implemented the IColorProvider to provide a custom foreground and background colour. I provide black foreground text with a light background colour in most cases. However, in some cases I use a dark background colour with white foreground text. This causes a problem in Windows 7 in that the selection colour is a pale blue.

What is happening on Windows 7 is when a dark-coloured item in my table (row-select) is selected the background colour is the pale blue selection colour. However, the foreground colour remains white and you cannot see it (Refer to fig 1 below).

Figure 1: JFace SWT TableViewer - Row Selected in Windows 7

  1. Firstly, am I doing something wrong here?

  2. Secondly, I have attempted the following to fix this (any ideas about the HOT event painting?):

    table.addListener(SWT.EraseItem, new Listener() {
        public void handleEvent(Event event) {
            boolean selected = (event.detail & SWT.SELECTED) == 0;
            event.detail &= ~SWT.HOT;
            TableItem item = (TableItem) event.item;
            int clientWidth = table.getClientArea().width;
            GC gc = event.gc;
            Color oldForeground = gc.getForeground();
            Color oldBackground = gc.getBackground();
            if (selected) {
                gc.fillRectangle(0, event.y, clientWidth, event.height);
            } else {
                gc.fillGradientRectangle(0, event.y, clientWidth, event.height, true);
            event.detail &= ~SWT.SELECTED;

When I re-run my test application I get the following. The selected row is fixed now but there is still a problem with the table-row that is "hovered" over as seen in figure 2. I have tried to capture the SWT.HOT event within the EraseItem handler, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Figure 2: JFace SWT TableViewer - Added EraseItem Event Handler

I did have some luck adding the PaintItem event handler (as shown below), but I will have to place the same logic regarding cell-alignment in this code for it to render properly. In addition, my paint event fires and paints over the correctly rendering SELECTED Windows 7 Colour fix.

    table.addListener(SWT.PaintItem, new Listener() {
        public void handleEvent(Event event) {

            boolean hot = (event.detail & SWT.HOT) == 0;
            if (hot) System.out.println("HOT!");
            if ((event.detail & SWT.HOT & ~SWT.SELECTED) == 0)
            event.detail &= ~SWT.HOT;
            final int TEXT_MARGIN = 3;
            GC gc = event.gc;


            TableItem item = (TableItem) event.item;
            String text = item.getText(event.index);
            int yOffset = 0;
            if (event.index == 1) {
                Point size = event.gc.textExtent(text);
                yOffset = Math.max(0, (event.height - size.y) / 2);
            event.gc.drawText(text, event.x + TEXT_MARGIN, event.y + yOffset, true);

In summary, perhaps I am doing something wrong with the IColourProvider and it's that simple? Alternatively, there is a bug within the Table or TableViewer component. I have upgraded to the latest by downloading the RCP 3.6.1, but I have the same symptoms.

Some help would be much appreciated :-)

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