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How can I download multiple attachments from a single mail using imaplib?

Let's say I have an e-mail and that e-mail contains 4 attachments. How can I download all of those attachments? The code below only downloads a single attachment from an e-mail.

detach_dir = 'c:/downloads'
m = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL("imap.gmail.com")
m.select("[Gmail]/All Mail")

resp, items = m.search(None, "(UNSEEN)")
items = items[0].split()

for emailid in items:
    resp, data = m.fetch(emailid, "(RFC822)") 
    email_body = data[0][1] 
    mail = email.message_from_string(email_body) 
    temp = m.store(emailid,'+FLAGS', '\\Seen')

    if mail.get_content_maintype() != 'multipart':

    print "["+mail["From"]+"] :" + mail["Subject"]

    for part in mail.walk():
        if part.get_content_maintype() == 'multipart':
        if part.get('Content-Disposition') is None:

        filename = part.get_filename()
        att_path = os.path.join(detach_dir, filename)

        if not os.path.isfile(att_path) :
            fp = open(att_path, 'wb')
            return HttpResponse('check folder')
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2 Answers

You code appears okay except for the return (perhaps a typo?) right after the fp.close():

return HttpResponse('check folder')

After saving the first attachment it returns from the function. Comment out that line and see if it fixes your issue.

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* You can try following function to get mail attachment

def create_message_attachment(self,msg_str):
        count = 1
        body = ''
        content_id = ''
        for part in msg_str.walk():
            file_name_gl = None
            mptype = part.get_content_maintype()
            file_name_gl = part.get_filename()
            if mptype == "multipart":
            elif mptype == "text":
                if not file_name_gl: continue
            elif mptype == "image":
                content_id = part.get('Content-ID')
                if not file_name_gl:
                    file_name_gl = 'image_' + str(count) + '.' + part.get_content_subtype()
                    count = count + 1

            body = part.get_payload(decode = True)
            if type(body) <> type(None) :
                body = body.strip()
                if body <> "":
                    body = base64.encodestring(body)
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