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I just started using emacs and I am trying to install the package.el and it has trouble with the proxy. When I try to run the commands from elpa install site the "url-retrieve-synchronously" command returns a buffer with a 407 error (I know this because I wrote the what it returns to a file and saw it, if use a www.google.com, which doesn't require a proxy, it returns the page).

I think the problem is with the username for the proxy. It has the form:


I think it is the "\" character thats giving trouble. I tried doing

STUDENTS\123457 | "STUDENTS\1233467" | "STUDENTS\\1234567"

and it does not work.

My ~./authinfo file looks like this has this

machine proxys.vasity.ac.za:80 port http login STUDENTS\12234 password 012TTjal

I am running emacs23 from the Ubuntu Natty repos. I have no other configurations that I am aware of for emacs.

I have my bash http_proxy set and wget works. So my questions are :

  • is there a way to tell the url.el package that emacs comes with to use wget instead of what its using now?

  • can I specify my username so that url.el works?

  • is the username the issue or have I missed a configuration?

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package.el is now part of vanilla Emacs. Consider filing an Emacs bug report: M-x report-emacs-bug. Also, there are now a few variants of package.el out there, and it seems to evolve fairly quickly as well. If you use Tom Tromey's version of the file, consider contacting him directly about the problem.

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