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to capture keystrokes for registering global hotkeys i want to use the shortcut recorder. but i can't get it to work. here is what i have done so far:

  • checked out the current version from the svn
  • installed xcode 3 because my xcode 4 wouldn't build, then built it with xcode 3
  • in xcode 4, i added the shortcutrecorder.framework in the build-directory to my application, dragged/copied the SRRecorderControl.h to my application directory and inserted

#import "SRRecorderControl.h"

to my AppDelegate.h

when i build and run, it fails and says images not found. i know that there are images in the shortcut recorder main directory, but i dont know where to put these. and: how do i add the special shortcut recorder textfield to my main window?

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I'm working on the same thing. I found someone who had created an Xcode4-friendly fork: –  David M. Brown Jun 4 '11 at 3:57

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You forgot 'Copy Frameworks' stage. Add ShortcutRecorder.framework to 'Copy Frameworks'.

You can find it on build phase of target information.

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