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I want to pass an entire path as an action parameter to my controller action.


e.g. path_value could be something like test/folder/folder2

I do not want to urlencode the parameter. Is it possible that in my controller action I can get the entire path as the parameter value for 'myparameter' (so, 'test/folder/folder2') instead of only 'test'.

I hope I am clear enough. Tnx in advance

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you can send test_folder_folder2 then str_replace _ with / if you don't whant to mess with the routes –  Poelinca Dorin Jun 3 '11 at 12:25
unless you use a custom route... this begs the question: why on earth would you want to do this? –  Fatmuemoo Jun 3 '11 at 15:32

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You can pass it as <baseurl>?myparameter=test/folder/folder2

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You will have to modify Zend's routing in order to do what you are attempting. Encoding the path may be much simpler for you. I suppose you could send this variable as a POST rather than a GET.

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