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i use url links to post to my facebook page through my facebook app but when the post shows up it does not brake in order to be shown like this:

hello from around the world

it shows up like this

hello from around
the world!|token.1-609481694|104294482966963|-SzbaghgDgCur4JPx3C5AQxDLj8&message=hello%20from%20around

any help appreciated!

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Try %0A. It was working in Graph API some time ago.

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I'm just guessing, but have you tried adding in a CRLF pair? URL-encoded, that would be %0d0a, so that would make your URL be|token.1-609481694|104294482966963|-SzbaghgDgCur4JPx3C5AQxDLj8&message=hello%20from%20around%0d0athe%20world!%20:)&method=post

Logically, I think that should work, but I haven't tried it.

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