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I need to pull back the security descriptors for the active directory attribute "msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor" on user account objects.

So far, all I can find is that I need to use this class to do so, but I cannot find any example code of how to start to pull what I want out using it.

I'm restricted to using .Net v2.0.

Anyone with any experience or ideas?

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Using the ActiveDS COM component, it seems much simpler:

Imports ActiveDS

Private Function GetSecurityDescriptor(ByVal DNPath As String) As List(Of AccessControlEntry)

        Dim AceList As New List(Of AccessControlEntry)


            Dim ent As New DirectoryEntry(String.Format("LDAP://{0}", DNPath))
            Dim sd As SecurityDescriptor = CType(ent.Properties("msExchMailboxSecurityDescriptor").Value, SecurityDescriptor)
            Dim acl As AccessControlList = CType(sd.DiscretionaryAcl, AccessControlList)
            Dim ace As AccessControlEntry

            For Each ace In CType(acl, IEnumerable)



        Catch ex As Exception

            Return AceList

        End Try

        Return AceList

    End Function
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