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I'd like to start using continuous integration in my personal projects to get experience with the techniques and concepts. The problem is that my programming poison runs to the non-mainstream (to put it mildly) with the bulk of my work being in Erlang.

What continuous integration systems are capable of dealing with non-mainstream languages, chief among them, in my case, Erlang? How easy are they to set up, configure and run?

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At this point I'd recommend Jenkins. It is easy to setup and configure, there are lots of help online and basic support with the common Erlang test tools.

See Stack Overflow question Continuous integration server for Erlang code for basic information about how to intergrate eunit and common test into Jenkins.

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We are using Jenkins-CI in the etorrent project and that seem to work really well. We have a number of virtual machines implementing different operating systems on which we run the system and then carry out tests.

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