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I have the following file: Foo.cs with a Foo class inside of it. I can't seem to find the right way to keep my resource files (resx) organized behind their respective files.

  1. If I create a Foo.resx the resource file gets folded away nice and tidy behind the Foo.cs class. This, however, causes issues because the standard custom-tool that generates the code attempts to create another Foo class (Look at the Foo.Designer.cs: internal class Foo { ... }). If my Foo.cs file does not already contain a Foo class, this works fine (no naming collision).

  2. To fix the naming collision I attempted to give it a custom namespace MyProj.Resources and use an alias to identify it: using R = MyProj.Resources.Foo; This still causes issues because the auto-generator has an issue creating a ResourceManager properly.

  3. If I, instead, name it something along the lines of FooResx.resx it does not automatically get folded behind the Foo.cs file. Instead, it resides in the solution explorer right below it. Going into the MSBuild (.csproj) file and adding a <DependentUpon> tag, then Visual Studio neatly tucks away my FooResx.resx file. However, I can't actually use any of the resources from that file because the auto-generated code has an issue creating a ResourceManager properly.

Basically, is there any way to have the Resource files (resx) fold behind a cs file and still work properly using the standard Custom Tool (ResXFileCodeGenerator)?

I do realize that I can always place all my resources into a file within the properties folder: resources.resx. I'm trying to organize them better than that though.


I decided to manually edit the auto-generated code and make it partial. This allowed the code to compile, but I still ran into the same issue (Issue #2). It seems that if a resource file is folded behind (manually or automatically) another code file then the ResourceManager has trouble finding the *.resource file. This might be an issue I'll have to raise with Microsoft Connect about the ResXFileCodeGenerator tool. It needs to be able to locate the proper *.resource file when folded behind other files.

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The solution could be to make your classes and your generated code partial classes - if you look at a .Designer.cs (from a System.Windows.Forms.Form for example) you will discover that it declares something like partial class Foo.


public partial class Foo


partial class Foo


It turns out that StronglyTypedResourceBuilder or PublicResXFileCodeGenerator insists on generating classes with either internal or public access modifier (it can be set in the .resx).

Setting ResXFileCodeGenerator as the CustomTool in the properties of your .resx still doesn't give you the behaviour you'd see in a generated .Desinger.cs of a Form.

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Actually the designer class (at least for auto-generated resx files) does not generate a partial method. – m-y Jun 7 '11 at 13:35
@myermian I just compared how this works when adding a resource to how it is laid out with a Form which comes with a .Designer.cs. Anyway you sould be fine if your Foo class in Foo.cs is declared as partial. – Filburt Jun 7 '11 at 13:40
No, the generator tools DO NOT generate partial classes, so I can not make my class partial to combine with it. – m-y Jul 13 '11 at 14:51

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