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I have some x/y point of an image, this points corresponds to latitude/longitude values, if I know the size of the image how to calculate(in java) image corners latitude/longitude? thanks

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  • take the scale
  • check if lon at y = l1 then what would it be at y = cornerY
  • check if lat at x = l1 then what would it be at x = corner
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hi, I'm sorry but I don't understand... for example I have the following data: my image size is: 993x491 and I have this "calibration point": calibrationId:001 imageX:285 imageY:94 latitude:45.46786607826646 longitude:9.182424545288086 calibrationId:002 imageX:959 imageY:101 latitude:45.468106853149656 longitude:9.193625450134277 calibrationId:003 imageX:163 imageY:214 latitude:45.46311056358185 longitude:9.182424545288086 how to get lon/lat of point 0,0 or 993,491? thanks – xalien xalien Jun 3 '11 at 14:22
can you edit this in your question please – Jigar Joshi Jun 3 '11 at 14:32

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