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The company I work for would like to purchase several iOS devices. We plan to rent these out to clients, which consist entirely of other businesses, for various events. On these devices, we plan to have one or more apps that are developed in-house but heavily customized for the client's needs at that event.

If we enrolled in the iOS Enterprise program, is this allowable under the agreement? Specifically, does the agreement allow for apps, that are developed in-house and installed on company-owned devices, to be used by our clients in this manner?

I've contacted Apple about this, but their response time is very slow. The actual full text of the agreement isn't available on their site, and the information that is doesn't answer this question. I am hoping someone here knows about this and can at least give us a general idea about whether to pursue this further or not.

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If you're never officially distributing the apps, and they are being used at your events only for a day or short period of time, then the 3 months' period that you get when you create the relevant provisioning profiles may suffice - else I would probably recommend purchasing an Enterprise developer account.

I would not foresee an issue occurring regarding the development of in-house apps and installed on your devices to be used by your clients, with an enterprise account. The main benefits of having an enterprise license is the variety of distribution methods available to you - but there is still a hard limit of 100 devices that you can register to the account for beta testing/development.

I hope this was of some help.

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Thanks. I was mostly wondering about the legalities of doing this under the terms of Apple's licensing agreement. It is certainly possible to just put the development provisioning profile on every device and do it the way you described, but do you know if we are breaking the agreement by doing this? –  pmc89 Jun 15 '11 at 18:40
But how will they find out? :) Your clients could effectively be beta-testing their app as long as the provisioning profile lasts - I can't see why - if they could - they would even dream of intervening if it were possible. I also agree that using their email form online is slow - you can pick up the phone if you prefer to get an answer immediately... you might still be on hold for awhile! –  Luke Jun 15 '11 at 19:11
The limit to 100 devices on the Enterprise Program is just for Ad-Hoc Distro (Beta-Testing). You can use In-House Distro without any limits. –  cschuff Dec 20 '11 at 11:41

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