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I am having trouble adding a user to a test database I set up on my local machine. I have added the user fine but the user does not have permission to SELECT (Or anything else for that matter) on the database. I have tried gone the the permission tab under the server, the database, and the table (there is only one it is a very simple database just for testing) and selected grant for every single option yet it still does not work. I have also tried doing a Transact-SQL command like:

use testing


and a couple of other combinations that return successfully but I still do not have permission to select data from the table. Any suggestions?

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Have you verified that the user can log in? And that you're granting with a user other than the user that is having the select issue? – taylonr Jun 3 '11 at 14:28

Add the user to the db_datareader role to give the user select access to all of the tables.

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Add the user to the public database role and they should be able to SELECT against the database (unless you have changed the public role's permissions).

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