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I am trying to collect data from 2 separate schemas. Due to the complexity of a singular query that would obtain all of the data would crash the database server, I made separate tables and filled them with the all of the data that I need. Now I just need to merge the data and match the columns so that I can remove any duplicate rows later. Below are the two queries that I created to return results that I am looking for. My problem is that when I run the second query, I get the following error :

   Error at Command Line:7 Column:4
   Error report:
   SQL Error: ORA-00904: "BOF_FOR_CHUCKSIMPSON"."BATCH_ID": invalid identifier
   00904. 00000 -  "%s: invalid identifier"

Can someone help me to understand what is going on?

Query 1

    bbp.SUBCAR "Treadwell", HMM.LADLE "BOTTLE CAR",
    bbp.BATCH_ID "Batch ID",
    TO_CHAR(bbp.START_POUR, 'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:MI:ss') "Start Pour Time",
    TO_CHAR(bbp.END_POUR, 'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:MI:ss') "End Pour Time",
    TO_CHAR(hmm.sched_cast_date, 'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:MI:ss') "Sched Cast Date"
    FROM bof_batch_pour bbp, rouge.hmm_iron_cast_ladle@idbs1 hmm
    WHERE bbp.subcar=hmm.ladle
    AND TO_CHAR(hmm.sched_cast_DATE, 'yyyymmddhh24MIss') = TO_CHAR(bbp.SCHED_CAST_DATE, 'yyyymmddhh24MIss')
    AND bbp.START_POUR>='25-MAY-11';
    SELECT bofcs.BATCH_ID "Batch ID", bofcs.sample_time "Sample Time",
    bcs.SILICON "Si", bcs.SULPHUR S, bcs.MANGANESE "Mn", bcs.PHOSPHORUS P,
    bofcs.TEMPERATURE "Temperature"
    FROM bof_chem_sample bcs, bof_celox_sample bofcs
    WHERE bofcs.SAMPLE_CODE                                   = bcs.SAMPLE_CODE
    AND bofcs.BATCH_ID                                        = bcs.BATCH_ID
    AND bofcs.TEMPERATURE                                    > 0
    AND bcs.SAMPLE_CODE                                       = 'D1'
    AND bofcs.SAMPLE_CODE                                   = bcs.SAMPLE_CODE
    AND bofcs.sample_time>'25-may-11'
    AND bofcs.sample_time<sysdate

Query 2

    merge into bof_FOR_cHUCKSIMPSON2
    using bof_FOR_cHUCKSIMPSON
    on (bof_FOR_cHUCKSIMPSON.batch_id=bof_FOR_cHUCKSIMPSON2.batch_id)
    when matched
              VALUES (99999);
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try removing the alias for Batch_Id in query 1.. –  StevieG Jun 3 '11 at 14:19

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You have used mix case names in double quotes in your create table statement like this:

bbp.BATCH_ID "Batch ID"

You don't therefore have a column in that table called BATCH_ID, but one called "Batch ID", and it can only be referenced thus - i.e. in mixed case and in double quotes.

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Ok, I have fixed that by editing the column name in the table but I still get the same error. –  LaDante Riley Jun 3 '11 at 15:09
How did you edit the column name? –  Tony Andrews Jun 3 '11 at 15:12
I went in from the connections view, right clicked on my tables and edited the names there. I removed all quotes from all of the names. When I view the table everything is changed it. –  LaDante Riley Jun 3 '11 at 15:24
If you still get ORA-00904: "BOF_FOR_CHUCKSIMPSON"."BATCH_ID": invalid identifier, then you still don't have a column called BATCH_ID in that table. –  Tony Andrews Jun 3 '11 at 15:30

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