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I wanna declare a record inside a class as follows:

class player (x, y)=
     type gun = {x:int; y:int; active:bool}
     val guns = Array.create 5 {x=0; y=0; active=false}

but the compiler claim that this line is syntax error : type gun = {x:in ....

when declared outside the class like this

type :  gun = {x:int; y:int; active:bool}
class player (x, y)=
     val guns = Array.create 5 {x=0; y=0; active=false}

the error is : unbound value gun.

so anyone know how to reach the same functionality with another way? thank you!

***** solved***

Bizare now it's working when the type is declared outside, thank you

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Why don't you define the type gun outside of the class definition?

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when I declare it outside the class it sais : unbound value gun. – 0xFF Mar 8 '09 at 11:37

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