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We are going to develop ASP pages for a WIN CE device. The web server running on the system is httpd. I have a few doubts on the scope of com objects

Does WinCE(httpd) ASP support Session and App Scope?  
Does page scope alone is supported in ASP in Wince?  
What should I do to introduce session and app Scope?  
Where can I get more information on this? 
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Does WinCE(httpd) ASP support Session and App Scope?

According to MSDN:

Windows CE does not provide support for the Session or Application objects and does not send the Session-ID cookie that is used on IIS. Therefore, there is no automatic technique for maintaining states between requests or sessions.

About creating COM objects in Wince ASP, from MSDN:

To create a COM object on Windows CE–based ASP, use the scripting language support for creating COM objects, instead of the Server.CreateObject method, as you would using IIS-based ASP.

Sample code from the same page:

    dim newObject
    set newObject = CreateObject("class.name")

Where can I get more information on this?

MSDN - Web Server(HTTPD) Windows CE

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Bear in mind the COM object must be compiled for CE.The one thing MSDN doesn't say is "if you intend to do anything useful with the built-in ASP server, you're going to end up both frustrated and disappointed" – ctacke Jun 3 '11 at 18:18

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