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I am deploying a web application in a Jetty container and I need to know how to add a classpath for Jetty to be able to load resources from a testing directory.

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I think it's best to not modify the Jetty CLASSPATH; use what you know about the defaults for your web app.

All the JARs in WEB-INF/lib are your web app's CLASSPATH; so are all paths relative to WEB-INF/classes. If you put a directory /test-resources under WEB-INF/classes and load it as a resource stream from the context you'll be able to access those test files without having to alter the Jetty startup scripts.

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I find it much easier to keep my test jars in a separate folder where they are built by a different process or IDE.

I extracted start.config from the Jetty jar and added my classpath to it as documented at

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