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I am trying to export a survey to a different site collection in MOSS 2007. I have tried to export the survey as a template and create the survey based on that template. The catch is that I need to preserve the metadata about the survey. (ie. who submitted each submission.). When I use this method it appears as if I submitted each survey item.

Any ideas?

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For a one-time thing you can use Gary Lapointes stsadm extensions to import/export list:


Here’s an example of how to export the Documents list from the root site collection:

 stsadm –o gl-exportlist -url
-filename "c:\docs" -includeusersecurity -versions 4 -nofilecompression


Here’s an example of how to import the Documents list that we exported above and re-target any links pointing to the original documents so that they now point to the new documents (note that just like the built in import operation if you specify nofilecompression for the export you must also specify it for the import):

     stsadm –o gl-importlist -url "http://teamsites/" -filename
 "c:\docs" -includeusersecurity
 -updateversions 2 -nofilecompression -retargetlinks -sourceurl "http://intranet/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx"

Note: To use these commands You must download and install them.

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