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I am receiving the following compile time error when attempting to extend the SimpleButton class in AS3:

1017: the definition of base class SimpleButton was not found

and the code:

package com.shakti.gameState{

import flash.display.SimpleButton.SimpleButton;

public class buttonTile extends SimpleButton {

    public var id:int;
    public var quizId:int;
    public var subjectId:int;
    public var points:int;
    public var questionTxt:String;
    public var order:int;
    public var option:Array;

    public function buttonTile(newId:int, newQuizId:int, newSubId:int, newPoints:int, qtxt:String, newOrder:int, newOption:Array) {

This is an action script 3 file being developed in Flash.

Thanks for your help! Kevin

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Import the class.

 import flash.display.SimpleButton

I get this all the time from copy and paste:)

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YES!!!!! Thanks for your help! –  kevinstueber Jun 3 '11 at 16:26

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