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I have been using the spreadsheet gem from http://spreadsheet.ch/ to read in seed data to a Rails 3 application.

I was using

Spreadsheet.open "xxxx" 

which ran fine on my dev machine but when pushed to Heroku errored with "Permission denied"

The guide http://spreadsheet.rubyforge.org/files/GUIDE_txt.html is only very basic help.

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Down we go into the 'long series of debugging questions' rabbit hole:

"Is the spreadsheet checked into git, such that it would show up on Heroku?"

"Is ruby spreadsheet trying to write to a file that's in one of the read only parts of heroku?"

"Are you using Spreadsheet.open or ?"

I guess in general it would be nice if you could include a stack trace of the error Heroku is giving you.

Perhaps: heroku logs within your project directory might be of help, if the errors are recorded there?

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Thanks for you response Tim. I will try to provide more info in my initial post in the future but you did send me in the right direction so giving you props for "Is ruby spreadsheet trying to write to a file that's in one of the read only parts of heroku?" –  NullRef Jun 8 '11 at 16:08

Chalk this one up to duh

Spreadsheet by default opens in read/write which Heroku does not allow. A little ri research revealed that Spreadsheet.open can be passed the 'r' flag for read-only. Here is the ri output

>>ri Spreadsheet.open

(from gem spreadsheet-
open(io_or_path, mode="rb+", &block)


Parses a Spreadsheet Document and returns a Workbook object. At present, only Excel-Documents can be read.
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