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I have build a website in Django. I need to use the web crawling features. So I installed Scrapy. Scrapy is working, as stated in their tutorial, by using

scrapy startproject dmoz

But that works on a diff folder with its own files.

Is it possible to use Scrapy functions in Django classes and put data in Django variables?

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Crawling is a long, time consuming task. It doesn't mix well with short HTTP requests. Therefore, you should use a user interface (presumably written in Django) to fire off Scrapy crawls, and a shared storage to monitor the state of the crawl.

But you wouldn't want to crawl during the lifetime of a HTTP requests. That's not how Scrapy is meant to be used.

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But what if i just want to crawl single page or 2 pages and that too in runtime. –  user782234 Jun 4 '11 at 9:36

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