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I have been trying to write a custom field handler which returns the hash code of a java.awt.Image object when writing to XML and retrieves an image based on this hash code when binding the XML to an object. For some reason, I can't get this to work; castor, from what I can tell, simply instantiates the field handler and then doesn't call any of its methods.

Can you give me a quick example of how to do this because I must be missing something simple!



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Pasting your code can be a good idea. Anyway following works fine for me

<m:class name="someClass">
        <m:map-to xml="class"/>
        <m:field name="lineColor" type="java.awt.Color"  handler="ColorFieldHandler">
            <m:bind-xml name="lineColor" node="attribute"/>

And the handler itself

public class ColorFieldHandler extends GeneralizedFieldHandler {
    public Object convertUponGet(Object value) {
        if (value == null) {
            return null;
        Integer colorHash = (Integer) value;

Hope that helps

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Actualy that's just an example from my project, slightly modified. Of course you should change type attribute to apropriate and implement method convertUponSet –  SirVaulterScoff Oct 17 '11 at 14:29
Huh... forgot to check the date of the question, but anyway... xD –  SirVaulterScoff Oct 17 '11 at 14:30

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