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I've been looking around for some time and have yet to be able to find any libraries or information for Java on how to drag lets say an ImageIcon onto a Windows folder and get the path as to where you "dropped" the ImageIcon. I'd really like a platform independent solution that works across OSX/linux/Win, but at the very least would like a windows implementation. Has anyone done this before, is there a project that has a library to do this? If not could I get direction(websites) as to how one would go about developing the C++ code to do this, if at all possible I'm assuming would have to be done through JNI. Is it even feasible?

I have a good amount of experience with java, python and perl, but limited exposure to C/C++, which is why I'm hoping there is already a library or some code out there to do this, if not though, I'm more than willing to get my hands dirty.

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If you are using Java 6, then see this page about JDK6 Drag and Drop.

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I hope it's finally usable in JDK6 because I used the JDK 1.4 version, which was fixed fromt he earlier version, and it was still a nightmare. – cletus Mar 8 '09 at 4:23

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