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After installing CodeCollab on OS X 10.6, I get Error: Unable to run ccollabgui when I try to add a new code review from P4V.

Strange but google was not able to find any match for the search :(

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I you receive this error just go to p4v Tools->Manage Custom Tools and select Code Collaborator - Add to Review->Edit.

Now change the application from ccollabgui to /Applications/ccollab_client/ccollabgui.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub.

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For Windows Users, it's likely the path you need is C:\Program Files\Collaborator Client\ccollabgui.exe –  Mark Smith Apr 14 at 20:01
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I received this error because I installed by ccollab in a non-standard location (not /Applications/ccollab_client)

[remove any already installed ccollab p4 custom tools if installed]

To fix, in p4v Tools|Manage Custom Tools|Select "SmartBear - Add to Review". Click edit. In the edit box called "Application", adjust the path to the correct path for your install.

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