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hi all i use this color scheme

Cobalt Colour scheme : Vim version of TextMates Cobalt colour scheme

I can not see the cursor in insert mode

how i can change this color


I think this is cursor part

hi CursorLine     guifg=none            guibg=#002943
hi Cursor         guifg=#F8F8F8           guibg=#A7A7A7
hi CursorIM       guifg=#F8F8F8           guibg=#002947"#5F5A60


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There is quite a lot of information about how to set the insert mode cursor color in the vim documentation

Here is an example from the linked documentation:

highlight Cursor guifg=white guibg=black
highlight iCursor guifg=white guibg=steelblue
set guicursor=n-v-c:block-Cursor
set guicursor+=i:ver100-iCursor
set guicursor+=n-v-c:blinkon0
set guicursor+=i:blinkwait10


The i means insert mode, v visual, c command, and n normal

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@GWW is right. But the example above only works for gvim, not vim. You'd better configure in .vimrc as in the same documentation to make it work in xterm, for example:

if &term =~ "xterm\\|rxvt"
  " use an orange cursor in insert mode
  let &t_SI = "\<Esc>]12;orange\x7"
  " use a red cursor otherwise
  let &t_EI = "\<Esc>]12;red\x7"
  silent !echo -ne "\033]12;red\007"
  " reset cursor when vim exits
  autocmd VimLeave * silent !echo -ne "\033]112\007"
  " use \003]12;gray\007 for gnome-terminal
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