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does someone know if there exists some implementation of LDA algorithm (no matter if library or application) for Win32 platform? Maybe in C/C++ or other language that can be compiled?

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Well, honestly I just googled LDA because I was curious of what it was, and the second hit was a C implementation of LDA. It compiles fine with gcc, though some warnings show up. I don't know if it's pure ANSI C or not, but considering that there is gcc for windows available, this shouldn't be a problem. If you have trouble compiling, ask a specific question about that.

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A couple of examples:

Gibbs LDA++ library on Sourceforge

plda for a parallel implementation

As Tamás has offered, please specify the issues that you are having finding a library so that we can help you.

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gensim has a very good Python implementation.

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The original implementation of LDA was written by David Blei and the source code (C) is still available at his website: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~blei/topicmodeling.html as lda-c. The other implementations are for algorithms based upon LDA.

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We use DCA, written in C, scales well, has hyperparamenter optimization.

You could also consider Mallet, written in Java, widely used.

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