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I'm detecting devices plugged into a NIC via the arp table. I need the IP of the device on the NIC, I have the IP of the NIC and the Broadcast address.

If I ping the broadcast address of the NIC, it will sometimes show the NIC in the arp table, other times it won't for some unknown reason. I can't really see a pattern in when the devices show up in the AR table. Sometimes there's a delay, sometimes it's instant.

So, how do I ensure the arp table (on windows) is updated?

I'm running all the commands through Process objects in Java via Windows XP.

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Your question doesn't quite make sense. What do you mean by "devices plugged into a NIC"? Devices don't plug into a NIC, the NIC is connected to the Ethernet medium and is the device. A system's ARP table is a list of all the OTHER devices visible to the NIC on the local LAN segment. –  Jim Garrison Jun 3 '11 at 19:26
When you ping a broadcast address, you're pinging all devices / nics on the subnet. Is the problem that you're not getting a response? The arp table is just a cache. Either way you should get a response from connected devices. –  Jack BeNimble Jun 3 '11 at 19:43

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