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I've been reading a number of tutorials on Haskell. However, I have not been able to get the compiled application to run on a multicore (I have an Intel Quad Core) on windows (32 bit).

I have tried a number of things:

But no luck.

The compiled application runs 100% on one core only.

Any ideas?


import Control.Parallel
import Control.Monad
import Text.Printf

fib :: Int -> Int
fib 0 = 0
fib 1 = 1
fib n = l `pseq` r `pseq` l+r
    l = fib (n-1)
    r = fib (n-2)

main = forM_ [0..350] $ \i ->
        printf "n=%d => %d\n" i (fib i)
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Could you add the code you're trying to run? – vili Mar 8 '09 at 5:41
Are you running 32 or 64 bit? It probably matters. – MarkusQ Mar 8 '09 at 5:49
updated question for both commmets – cbrulak Mar 8 '09 at 5:50

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If vili is correct (I can't test as I don't own any MS boxes), it might be related to this bug

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Using par instead of pseq seems to fix it.

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are you running windows? Because that didn't do anything for me – cbrulak Mar 8 '09 at 14:03

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