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I am trying to develop a chrome extension and I trying to communicate between the content script and background.html page. I am storing some values(local storage) in the background.html and getting it whenever i need it in the content script. My listener listens to the request that i send from contentscript and fetches the data and sends it back to the contentscript. But when I receive it in contentscript my data becomes "undefined".

This is my code:


    if(request.Meta == '_service'){
    /*  return _getServiceOfAddon("_service");
    else if(request.Meta == 'setAddOnService'){
            console.log('message content for setservice : '+request.messageContent);
            //return _getServiceOfAddon("_service");
            console.log('message content for getservice : '+request.messageContent);
            var temp = _getServiceOfAddon("_service");
            console.log('getting service as '+ temp);
            sendresponse({ mydata : temp });

Content Script:

  Tagg.sideBar.backgroundInteraction.prototype.sendMessageToBackground = function(meta,messagecontent){
                messageContent:'This is a testing message sent from content script to background'
                    console.log('response data received as : '+ response.mydata);   
                    return response;
                // }

The that i receive in the contentscripts is "undefined". Can anybody point the mistake that I am making here? This seems to be very simple but I could not find the exact point where I make the mistake.

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First of, what exact type of object does _getServiceOfAddon() return? I'm sure the intent is to return a string, but with message passing one possible cause of an undefined error is trying to pass things like classes, functions, etc. You might want to try console.log on the response object.

The more likely possibility is using return, which doesn't work great with asynchronous stuff like message passing. You should probably assign the return value to its target some other way, like using this or passing a reference to the DOM object or assigning it to a hash like settings["_service"].

In other words, Tagg.sideBar.backgroundInteraction.sendMessageToBackground() will always return undefined as is. The callback function you have in chrome.extension.sendRequest() returns the response to chrome.extension.sendRequest, not sendMessageToBackground(). Remember that a function returns a value to its caller, and in this case its caller is sendRequest()

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The function does returns a string and i am sending that response back to my content script page. Untill I send the response I get the proper value of the string [ console.log('getting service as '+ temp); ] gives me the right string. Only when I send it back to the content script I am getting it as "undefined". – Ajai Jun 3 '11 at 19:10
What does console.log('response data received as : '+ response.mydata); return? And how are you using the sendMessageToBackground() bit? If you're using it for assignment like var a = Tagg...sendMessageToBackground() it will be undefined because the return value for the function is undefined. The value "returned" is only returned to chrome.extension.sendRequest, which can't do anything with it. – brymck Jun 3 '11 at 19:15
the console.log('response data received as : '+ response.mydata); returns "undefined". And after that there is no way for me to use the value returned. There is no value returned from background.html page to the contentscript. – Ajai Jun 3 '11 at 19:19
Is it because you're setting request.messageContent? In your example it looks like this is always true, so sendresponse would never be called in your background script. (If this is the case, still, keep in mind the above advice about "return response" not doing anything.) – brymck Jun 3 '11 at 19:29
No actually everything is perfect just before sending the data from background.html . But the moment when I receive it in the content scripts it goes undefined. Even before returning the response it is received as "undefined". – Ajai Jun 3 '11 at 19:35

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