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I have a piece of code which is making me really crazy: I have a horizontal menu in my website, and on a mouseover event on one of the items a vertical submenu appears. I got this to work. The html looks something like this (don't mind the js for now, comments are also not in the real html):

<ul class="menu" onmouseout="menu('item',false)">  //the real html has some code to prevent nested elements to call the onmouseout event
    <li id="itemLI">
        <ul onmouseover="menu('item',true)">
            <li><img src=somesource width=somewidth /></li>
            <li class="drowdown item">submenuitem which is wider than the main menu item</li> //hidden until mouseover of the main item

However, some submenu items are wider than the main menu items they belong to. Since the submenu items are variable, it's impossible to hard-code their width. Instead I try to get their width on mouseover, and then I want to change the width of the ul to the width of the longest item. The javascript code I use is this:

var orwidth = 0;
function menu(menuItem,show)
    //change menu width
    var item = menuItem + "LI";
    if (show)
        //The important part which doesn't work
        var element = document.getElementById(item);
        var style = getComputedStyle(element,null);
        orwidth = style.width;
        element.style.width = "auto";
        style = getComputedStyle(element,null);
        document.getElementById(item).style.width = orwidth;
    //show submenu
    if (show)
        var visible ="visible";
        var visible = "hidden";
    var lis = document.getElementsByTagName("li");
    for (temp in lis)
        if (lis[temp].className.indexOf("dropdown") != -1 && lis[temp].className.indexOf(menuItem) != -1)
            lis[temp].style.visibility = visible;


as you can see, if the menu is shown the original width is saved, and a new width is applied. The alert function alerts the correct new width. However, for some reason the new width isn't shown on the page.

I just can't find out what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

edit: I didn't thought of the pure css solution. However, I still want to know why the page wasn't updated. Does anyone has the answer to that?

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i dont think you are taking the right aproach. for your case no js is needed at all, it can all be done in css – Ibu Jun 3 '11 at 18:52
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This seems like a lot of engineering to acheive something rather simple. Firstly, have you considered fixed widths for the drop-down results.

Next have you checked out the many many pure CSS examples out there, so you don't need to use JavaScript at all?


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thanks for your answer, I didn't thought of the pure css solution. However, I still don't understand why the page isn't updated. Do you also know why that happened? – Tiddo Jun 6 '11 at 20:17

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