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This is not a programming question per se. I am trying to build a system which consists of the following:

  1. User calls system using regular land line
  2. Some processing is done by asterisk
  3. Call is forwarded to an external number (another landline/mobile phone)

Now I would like atleast 2 simultaneous lines on which the user can call. I would like to know the following:

  1. Will the TDM410 work for what I am trying to achieve?
  2. Since I want call forwarding, do I need an extra line for that? Or can I do it on the same line? e.g. for one user do I need one incoming line and one outgoing line or can I do both receiving and forwarding on the same line?

I have both asterisk books but am still unclear as to which card to purchase. Is the TDM410 with 4 FXO the right one? I am thinking of TDM410 because it has 4 lines so that I can use two for incoming and two for outgoing. Am I right? Can someone please point me to a link/online store?

Thank you very much for your time.

PS- I do not wish to use SIP. I want to use POTS for all my calls (incoming and outgoing)

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Digium's website is www.digium.com. This isn't programming related, and is a basic sales question for Digium. (And yes, you need 4 FXO ports to connect to four POTS lines.) – MichaelGG Mar 9 '09 at 3:25
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The TDM400 with 4 FXO modules will work for what you need.

When you receive a call on one line, then that line is busy and you must use a different line to forward the call (Asterisk will bridge the calls but it needs 2 lines for that). You can buy them directly from Digium.

You need at least 3 landlines if you want to be able to receive calls from 2 lines; the third line will be the one you use to forward the calls, but only one call can be forwarded at at time and the other person will have to wait. If you don't want that then you need 4 landlines.

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