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How do you handle record locking in a flex (flash builder 4) application with multiple users?

It is using zend amf to talk to a database (mongodb or mysql).

For example, if user 1 loads a client record for edit and user 2 loads the same client record for edit, there is going to be data lost if user 1 saves their edit and then user 2 saves their edit - not knowing user 1 was editing.

I suppose I could implement my own system by having a lock flag or lock table and when a record is opened, check for lock / set the lock. However I am hoping there is already something people use to do this that is tested / proven.

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Are you really asking how to lock records on a client side technology that is completely agnostic to which DB or server you're using? –  J_A_X Jun 3 '11 at 19:03
I know I did not ask if the client side technology was agnostic. I asked how to handle record locking in EITHER: 1. Flex 2. PHP 3. ZEND AMF 4. MONGODB (or) MYSQL As this is the stack I am using. –  Scott Szretter Jun 4 '11 at 11:06

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