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i am trying to write a code for my task. my task is, i have draw may polygons on a single panel by giving coordinate values. and aplly mouse moved event to those polygons.

my problem is i can draw all polygons but don't know how to apply mousemoved event to all tha polygons.(i.e when i move my mouse to particular polygon the background color of that particual polygon should change, and when i exit it should go back to normal stage).

i can do all this manually for one or two polygons. but in my scenario i'll have so many polygons. i can't write individually for each.

so please help me regarding this issue.


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This example show how to solve the problem for one Polygon. Note that mouseMoved() merely records the current mouse Point. In response to repaint(), paintComponent() makes a check using contains(). For multiple polygons, you would simply iterate over a List<Polygon>, checking each in turn.

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