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I have a project written .NET 2.0 (well, it doesn't use much in the way of 3.5 features, anyway), and I recently got a Mac and would like to convert that project to Mono.

The problem is, this project relies on libraries such as FreeImage and a few C++ libraries I've written for this project. I'm a total newb to programming on the Mac; how can I link these libraries into this project so that the p/invoke calls don't fail? I can compile all the libraries again if need be, so what format should I put the libraries in, and is there any particular tool I should be using? When coding on the Visual Studio side, I just had the libraries as projects in the same solution as the .NET code. Does a similar setup exist on the Mac?

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This page might be helpful. Explains how Interop works on OS X (and other operating systems).

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Thanks! From looking it over briefly, it looks like the Right Thing-- I'll know more once I try to make it work. –  mmr Mar 9 '09 at 0:31

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